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...having worked nationally and internationally as a presenter and training facilitator for several years. She works as an electronics guest expert on air for QVC, representing a variety of technologies including photography and video editing, bringing her love of the fine arts to life on national television. No matter what the topic, Christine inspires even the most discriminating audience participant with her high energy and positive attitude. She takes incredibly technical products and enables even novices to assimilate and comprehend difficult information. Whether she is presenting on stage, on camera, or working behind the scenes, Christine Alt-Parry is the perfect addition to your next event. presentations consulting coaching

Brands Christine Alt-Parry has worked: Panasonic, Sony, GMC, QVC, Kodak, Procter and Gamble, Pantene, Xpedx, Cisco, Covergirl
As Seen On TV

she defines the brand, creates public awareness, and motivates people to buy. In less than eight minutes’ time, she clearly and concisely describes product features and benefits geared towards encouraging consumers to make purchasing decisions. She has also starred in various commercials and infomercials, most notably for Marie Callendars’ restaurants and Marriott Food Services. She has worked as a voice over talent for the Hair Braidini, Marriott, and Villanova Dental Service Providers.

Marketing Consulting

Christine holds an undergraduate degree in Speech Communications with an emphasis on Marketing from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. She helps companies define their brand and narrow down and target market demographics. She then creates an action plan designed to both create awareness and push product through channels of distribution. In the Direct Response realm, Christine utilizes communication techniques that convey messages which lead to increased revenues. She has created advertising campaigns for several companies, including commercials, print advertisements, and public relations initiatives. Christine’s marketing background is the firm foundation of her presenting and training career. Client references are available upon request.

Training Consulting

Christine Alt-Parry has a reputation for excellence in corporate training and presenting. She takes incredibly technical products and enables even novices to assimilate and comprehend difficult information. She orchestrated training facilitation with Abanco International, L.L.C. creator of the web based Food for Sale program for in flight food and duty free sales. This innovative technology is currently used by Delta and United Airlines and under written by Gate Gourmet and LSG Sky chefs, caterers for the airlines. Christine created training materials for and conducted training with staff members of Abanco and over 40,000 flight attendants and 10,000 kitchen staff members on both front and back ends of the application. The end result was increased revenues for both airlines and catering companies. Christine developed heightened comfort levels with staff on the application itself, which contributed to the adoption rate of the program.

She also facilitated GM’s Silverado, Suburban/Tahoe Product launch, and coached CVS and Walgreen’s retail store managers on Procter and Gamble’s Cover Girl Advanced Radiance Cosmetic line. She was involved in the TSA’s Airport Screening initiative. She has trained employees on customer service and suggestive selling in the convenience store realm. Her ability to motivate, along with solid communication skills, inspires employees to obtain sales objectives and achieve results. Christine Alt-Parry’s work is outstanding.

Trade Shows and Special Events

Christine Alt-Parry is a superior communicator, engaging audiences with a smile and pertinent information. She assists companies in defining their image in the trade show arena through targeted script writing and presentation. She effectively motivates booth staff to be proactive in the booth and other unique facets of trade show protocol. Her charismatic personality and inspiring oral communication skills draw attendees into the booth and offers the client numerous opportunities to cultivate relationships with potential customers. As she informs the general public in a non-threatening way, the client is enabled to qualify and quantify leads. Christine is quite adept in the trade show industry, having worked as presentation support, execution and booth management at corporate events and trade shows. Whether she is presenting on stage or working behind the scenes, Christine Alt-Parry is the perfect addition to your next trade show or special event.

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When Christine is not presenting, you can find her communicating via the written word. She is adept with script treatment and copy, having created marketing and PR pieces for various companies. She has written and illustrated three books, “Finding Daddy, Finding Me,” (2009) “The Daruma Doll,” (1995) and “Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny, The Tooth Fairy, and Jesus: What they all have in Common”(2007) by David Vaughan Parry, illustrated by Christine Alt Parry. She is an avid reader and enjoys both fiction, The Wall Street Journal and especially The New York Times.

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